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The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life


Last Friday I was on a zoom call with some friends and I dared to mention that I needed and wanted more accountability about working on my craft as a writer. Then the unthinkable happen and before I could stop myself, I committed to publishing a weekly update on my work. ACCOUNTABILITY, y'all! You can't be a writer if you don't write. So here I am.

Inspiration From Life

"No! No! NO! I am not sitting on that thing." - My Three Year Old Friend

Today I did a writing exercise to explore a character I want to develop for a picture book. Last week one of my three year old friends that I work with could not bring themselves to use the large toilets at our nature preschool. As I tried to persuade them to use the toilet, I stopped and looked at it through their eyes. Here is the big noisy machine that could literally eat my entire body and you want me to sit on it and pee and poop. You are completely out of your mind!

Who Is This Toilet, Anyway?

I explored the toilet.

First, learning to draw one [YouTube has everything including a how to draw a toilet lesson].

Then, I outlined. Here's a look:

What if the toilet is misunderstood? What relationship do the plunger and the toilet paper have with the toilet and with each other? How will the children relate to this toilet?


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3 comentarios

Renee S. Tate
Renee S. Tate
19 sept 2022

Love this! I can't wait to see how this unfolds! I hope your three year old friend one has the courage to befriend the toilet with ease. 💙✨#accountability

Me gusta
Renee S. Tate
Renee S. Tate
21 sept 2022
Contestando a

I believe it shall be so! 🦁☀️

Me gusta
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